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Kindness from Strangers

Originally posted on Cancer: The Upside:
Going to the cancer treatment center to receive chemotherapy was dreadful and exhausting. ?Needless to say, the side effects of the chemo were excruciating. ?I would go for treatment for an entire week during each round of chemo. ?During my visits, I went through the normal routine and got…

Cancer Survivor: Now What?

After a long intense battle against cancer all I wanted was to receive the news that I was cancer free. All my efforts and mindset were to reach that milestone. Well after what seemed like an eternity the day finally came when I was told by the oncologist those words I so dreamed of hearing…

Cancer Free

Originally posted on Cancer: The Upside:
Recently, I have seen some creative ways of how people are celebrating someone’s victories of making it through the last chemo treatment or receiving the best news ever, being cancer free. When I view these posts, it brings me great joy because this is a moment I have experienced…