Things are Not Always What They Seem

A cancer journey is tough and unpleasant that turns your life upside down and brings your life to a halt.  All your dreams and aspirations are taken away from you without notice.  Life is so fragile, one moment you feel you are on top of the world with endless possibilities within your grasp and the next minute your cold/flu-like symptoms turn out to be a cancer death sentence.  Getting a cancer diagnosis was so life altering that it meant that life, as I knew it was over.  

These feelings occupied my mind at the beginning of my cancer journey because I was barely beginning my life and I felt like the rug was pulled from underneath me.  Now, I faced the possibility of my mortality and shattered dreams.  I would like to say that I was positive from the onset of my cancer journey but that would be a lie.  I did go through an array of feelings that ranged from positive, to negative and worst-case scenario.  Actually, I felt sorry for myself and felt I was robbed of my life.  I thought God had forsaken me for some unknown reason. I tried to figure out why? Why had God abandoned me? What did I do to deserve this punishment from God?  As I was talking to God, asking him why HE allowed this to happen to me, why did I have cancer? It was at that moment that I realized that I was acknowledging God for the first time in my life as an adult. You see growing up, my mom did not force any religion on me even though she did expose me to different religions and we went to different churches. She wanted me to make the choice as an adult.  She wanted me to learn the different religious paths and choose the one that I felt was the right one for me. For this reason, even though I knew about God, as an adult, I never actually acknowledged GOD until now. I started to have daily conversations with God, in my head. This daily ritual changed my mindset from self-pity and anger towards God to prayer and healing from God.  As I continued my cancer-journey, I saw God’s blessings bestowed upon me through each step of my cancer battle. I realized that God was there for me even when I thought HE had forsaken me.  Not only did God help me through my cancer journey, but also, HE has continued to bestow numerous blessings in my life after my cancer battle. I feel as if God has been balancing my life account for me without me having to do a thing.  Now you may be wondering what does that mean?  Well, please allow me to explain. You see, not only did God bless me with defeating cancer but also once I was back on my feet at 100 % at work, I received a promotion.  He also guided me towards a new career path that was much more gratifying than the one I had envisioned for myself.  Although I had lost over a year battling cancer, God catapulted me with the promotion despite many of my coworker’s thoughts that this was unfair because I did not have over a decade at the company like most of them.  I worked hard and showed that I had great potential not realizing that God was shining a light so bright on me that upper leadership could not ignore.  I never thought that after losing so much time away from work due to my cancer battle I would be blessed by God with a promotion.  I didn’t think it would happen and it didn’t look like it would happen in the natural but God is supernatural, therefore; I know in my heart this promotion came from God.

If you ever feel like you have been robbed of time due to an illness or been wronged by someone, don’t try to figure it out yourself.  Acknowledge God, HE will vindicate you for anything bad that has happened to you and bless you with the many blessings you deserve.  God will always be by your side and give you many blessings in spite of your mistakes. God will show you favor in spite of your failings and that is the divine mercy of God’s amazing grace.    


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