Footprints of Life

Growing up, I recall constantly coming across or receiving gifts that included the poem Footprints in The Sand.  During that time, I felt joy in my heart reading that poem and knowing that God was taking care of us, but I did not fully understand the meaning of this poem.  All I knew was it was profound and it was printed on calendars, keychains and mugs that highlighted this message.  Life was good.

As an adult, due to my cancer battle, I truly came to understand the meaning behind this profound poem.  Currently as a cancer survivor, I reflect back on my journey and know that God did carry me through the most difficult times of suffering and pain.  During certain moments in my cancer journey, I did not feel that I had the strength to make it through the extremely difficult days.  Also, certain circumstances such as experiencing high fevers at the beginning of my chemo treatment was something that I could not change with my own strength no matter how much I tried.  During this crucial moment, when they were about to stop my treatment due to the high fevers which could cause the cancer to continue to grow which could result in death was not something I could change.  During this time, I turned to God and prayed for HIM to lower my fever so I could continue the chemo treatment.  I asked for HIM to carry me through this moment and HE did.  The cool air from the room entered my body through my bald head and cooled my body as I continued to ask God for help.  God truly carried me through this moment, this was something supernatural, this was an act from God.  This was one of many miracles that God bestowed upon me during my journey.  

Don’t feel like you have to do all things in life through your own strength and ability.  We are children of the Most High God and HE is always there for us during our life, loving us for us.  God’s blessings will come to us in different ways and people who will enter our lives at the right time in our lives.  Remember you are never alone in your trials and tribulations.  


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