Got Time?

As a cancer survivor, I track time in terms of years of remission.  I am well of aware of time and celebrate my milestones in continuing to be a cancer survivor.  On the other hand, I have found myself being afraid to move forward on certain dreams.  I have surpassed the threshold of the higher probability of having my cancer reoccur, but yet I feel uneasy.  I think of the precautions that I should take to continue being cancer-free.  I laugh at myself for having these thoughts because there is no exact formula to follow to remain cancer-free.  I am just blessed to continue to be able to define myself as a cancer survivor.  If I knew the winning formula, I would share it with the world because I personally know the great challenges each cancer patient, survivor, warrior, and caregivers are experiencing.  It is definitely not an easy path that we must follow, but I am humbled and proud to have been given the strength to go through it.  As I continue my journey, I reflect on my cancer battle and my time in remission.  Due to my reflection, I decided to re-watch the movie, “The Bucket List” which was funny and inspiring.  It was inspiring to me because these two men decided to follow through and live out their bucket list during their last months of life.  I thought to myself, why live out your dreams out only when faced with your mortality.  Like mentioned in the movie, time goes by fast so when I have reflected back, I have asked myself what have I done with my time.  On certain aspirations, I have decided to put it off because I wanted to wait until I surpassed a certain threshold of my cancer journey.  Now, I asked myself why am I doing this.  Life is not guaranteed so why am I waiting, time is passing which I am not able to get back.  Time is precious, lost time cannot be regained so all we have is today.  Today, I am turning a new leaf, I am going to start working on my bucket list, aka dreams and follow through.  I know I will stumble, and perhaps even fall, but at least I will know that I have tried. Remember time is precious enjoy each second of everyday be happy and be free and live life with no regrets.  

#No Regrets

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