Informed Decisions

Each challenge in my cancer battle caused me to conduct some research of my own in order to understand all the terminology the doctors were throwing at me.  Fortunately, so many resources are at our disposal that educate us and make us more knowledgeable.  Of course, you have to be careful because some sources are not reliable at all.  Keeping myself informed helped me in the process of understanding and having a sense of inclusion in the medical decisions that would affect me.  They did a good job of trying to explain to me, but I am a curious person who likes to know more; especially, with my cancer diagnosis.  I wanted to make informed decisions.  Personally, I enjoy learning and expanding my horizons by continuously taking new courses, reading, listening to audiobooks, watching videos, and visiting various social media sites.  Recently, I have decided to create an education list in an effort to grow my skillsets and expand my knowledge.  Bottomline, I am taking a new course online.  With this course, I hope to gain new skills and continue to develop myself so I may better help others in their own personal journeys.

Take a course, read a book, listen to video or read blogs to learn something new.  Continuous learning is a good workout for our brains and helps us grow.  Have you taken steps to learn something new?


  One thought on “Informed Decisions

  1. September 14, 2021 at 10:15 am

    Yes very good I am so pleased for you.
    I am new at blogging and have found this a challenge🤣

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