Reality TV: Fact or Fiction? How real is reality tv?

Social media, and Reality TV are among the top trending guilty pleasures the majority of us like to watch, subscribe and follow.The hype is so much that it begs the question just how real are they? Is everything you see real or is it scripted?

Recent headlines of infamous social media celebrities have shed light to the conclusion that what is posted for the whole world to see and what is really happening in their everyday lives is not always what it appears to be. It’s like those classic old sayings “Things are not always what they seem” and “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Although as human beings we are naturally curious people. We always want to know how other people live their every day lives either to compare ourselves to other people or to aspire to be like the people we admire.

Unfortunately, it turns out that even “reality tv” is scripted. The reason for this is simple fear of rejection. No one wants to be criticized, judged, rejected or cancelled.  As human beings, we naturally want to fit in with what is trending and present the best version of ourself to everyone. In doing this we create an illusion of how we want to be perceived that may be in some cases the exact opposite of how we really are.

If God created everyone as unique individuals, why do we try so hard to be the same? We are beautiful imperfect human beings with different talents and attributes. Instead of criticizing judging, rejecting or cancelling each other because of our differences if we worked together, we could accomplish remarkable things to benefit everyone. “Together we stand, divided we fall”.


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