Rejoice in others success

During my cancer battle, I received treatments in different hospitals and clinics which allowed me to meet numerous people who were facing the same challenge as I was, Cancer. As I continued receiving more and more treatments, I started to notice some of the other cancer patients were no longer going in for their daily treatments. Unfortunately, everyone in the group suspected that the reason for their absence was unfavorable and a gloominess would fill the room. We all sat in silence contemplating to ourselves if soon one of us would have the same unfavorable outcome. Of course, there were other occasions, where the patient’s absence was positive and they would return to thank the medical personnel. They would also say a proper goodbye to the rest of us and wish us continued blessings. During these times, a renewed sense of hope filled the room as all our faces would light up with a smile and genuine happiness for them and their families. Also, this would create conversation of what we would do once we were given the much-anticipated results of being cancer-free. Stories were exchanged amongst the group and we would cheer each other on in being able to continue living life happy and cancer free.

Prior to my cancer battle, I was working in a toxic environment where I was caught up in competing and feeling jealous for others victory as this was the organization’s culture.  This was not who I was in reality but who I thought I had to be in order to survive in the work place.  Then during my cancer battle, I was exposed to the beauty of humanity when I was most vulnerable.  These shared experiences with others as we cheered each other and wished each other good health and victory over cancer was who I felt to be in my soul.  I realized that with God’s love in my heart I didn’t have room to give in to that type of toxic work environment that I worked in.    At that job, they praised and foster jealousy and gossip instead of helping each other out and being happy for someone else’s victories or promotions.  I wondered if as cancer patients who were facing life and death situation could show others love and genuine happiness for someone else’s victory over cancer why not do the same during normal life situations. I acknowledged that I could move forward being myself and should always be myself. I should never compromise my integrity for anything or anyone else ever again. I resigned my position in that horrible toxic work environment and looked for another position in an organization that fostered a healthy work environment and that their values were aligned with mine.

From that day forward I celebrate other people’s victories and feel a great sense of happiness for their success.  For example, I trained one of my team members who now works in another company in a higher position than me and I am so happy and proud of him.  We should always celebrate others victories as well as we celebrate our own.


  One thought on “Rejoice in others success

  1. December 16, 2021 at 2:12 pm

    Yes and yes again!! 2022 Be happy for other people when they succeed. A good reminder Kelly. Thank you 🙂❤

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