Year of Personal Change: 2022

Every year I take the new years resolution challenge of writing a list of the things I would like to change in my life.  I start of the year strong, motivated and determined to accomplish what I set out to do for the year.  The energy and endless possibilities mindset make it easy for me to stay focused on my list and feel a great sense of accomplishment as I check off items of that list.  As the days continue in the new year, life happens and the list tends to disappear from my daily life.  

This past year I put many goals on hold due to the pandemic.  I felt like I was unable to truly move forward on my goals and made excuses or believed that outside factors were the reason for the delays.  Of course, there are some limitations due to our current pandemic situation, but this does not mean that it is to blame for losing traction on many of my goals. I have decided that for this year in 2022, I need to allow myself to have personal growth in order to be successful in achieving my goals.  I need to start with inner change to accomplish anything in my list.

As the year 2021 was coming to an end, I reflected on the fact that I needed to accept responsibility for not accomplishing my goals and for everything else that has happened in my life. For example, “I am a cancer survivor not a cancer victim. Yet I was feeling like a victim of situations and of others. This year I will work on overcoming my limiting beliefs. I have to stop believing that other people or situations have power over me and that they have the control over my Problems, Emotions, Choices, Dreams and Results. I am responsible for how I respond and what I Do in life to fulfill my dreams and live a Happy, Healthy Life. God has given me a second chance in life and I intend to keep being thankful each day for having this wonderful gift. I will continue living my life continuously improving myself and truly embracing living each day.


  One thought on “Year of Personal Change: 2022

  1. January 4, 2022 at 10:36 am

    Kelly I wish you all the strength of mind needed for 2022’s resolutions.

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