Embrace Your Inner Negative Voice

As human beings, our minds are easily triggered by negative comments, experiences, and thoughts.  In the morning you wake up full of positivity and inspired to live your best day.  Suddenly, your morning is not going your way, negative thoughts fill your mind.  You go to work and you hear negative comments or experience a bad encounter when getting your morning cup of coffee.  Your day starts to go downhill from here.  You knew it, things always go wrong for you.  I am all too familiar with this mindset and allowing my negative voice to take the driver seat in my life.  My battle with cancer helped me change my mindset to think of the positive victories in my life, no matter how small.  Each fighting day was a win.  Today, I have to remember of those times and continue to re-train my mind to think of the positive side of things.  When I started to actually work on this blog, my negative thoughts told me that nobody will want to read what I have to say or is this the right move, should I share my story, and how will it affect me.  You know what, forget all that malarkey, this is what I feel inspired to do at this phase in my life and I went for it.  Life is not perfect so things will happen, things will be said to you, and worst of all, you will tell yourself you are not good enough, can’t do it or what will people think.  Each day when those negative thoughts are starting to zip through your mind, dispel them, change the channel.  Say good riddance negative voice, adios hasta la vista baby.  Positive thoughts will bring something great into your life, believe it!


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