Covid-19 symptom or Cancer Treatment Side Effects

This pandemic has most people on edge and being vigilant of others.  The other day at work, a co-worker told me don’t the donuts smell marvelous and, in my mind, I was like I don’t smell anything.  I must have hesitated in my response because with a worried look in their face, they asked, “you can smell the donuts, right?”  As I walked closer, I smelled the donuts and said of course and they sighed with relief.  Later that morning, they told me, I was concerned you were starting to exhibit a covid-19 symptom.  This co-worker does know I am a cancer survivor but they do not know every side effect that I continue to experience from the chemo and radiation treatment I received during my year long battle with cancer.  To be candid, I am able to smell but I have to be in a certain distance from the smell.  If you have a family member, friend or know someone who is going through treatment or is a cancer survivor, they may be experiencing this same side effect so please don’t freak out and think they have the virus.  Believe me, it’s not easy because at times, I have caught myself worrying because I am unable to smell something and then I am like get closer and if you can smell it, you are good.  Each day, I take every precaution being recommended in order to protect myself.  At times, like for my birthday, I was not popular amongst the group at work because I did not want to blow out any candles, take a group photo or take off my mask and eat cake around the group.  For me, I rather be well and healthy than popular amongst strangers really.  Don’t fall to peer pressure from others, run your own race and do what is best for you.   


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