Holiday Blues

This Thanksgiving holiday feels a bit somber to me.  I would like to blame it on our current covid-19 situation where we are unable to spend the holiday with family and friends like usual.  The usual figuring out where you will spend the day, will you travel, stay home or choose to eat at a restaurant.  This year, I am choosing to stay at home and cook a glorious turkey meal.  This year is unique but the challenges we face is not what is causing my feeling of gloominess.  Every year I face this same feeling around this time of year.  I have never really shared this before, but some of the treatment side effects linger on in my life, even today.  Being a cancer survivor is the most wonderful gift and blessing.  On the other hand, it is not all roses.  I still experience some different side effects and depression is one of them.  Fortunately, with time, I start to recognize the signs myself and start my routine of mediation, prayer, positive thinking, laughter and try to remove stress from my life that may be causing me anxiety and depression.  Life continues for us and we face many obstacles that can either tear us apart or help build a stronger character.  For me, I chose to be baptized at age 24 when I was diagnosed with cancer; therefore, I have been on a journey where I turn to God for help and guidance.  My relationship with God is not perfect because there have been periods when I have been mad, angry and aloof.  On the other hand, with God by my side, I have been able to overcome many challenges including depression.  Taking it one day at a time, counting my many blessings.


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