Sadness or Depression

Certain days bring me sadness when it’s gloomy outside or I receive some sad news or more recently watch the news and hear a great deal of chaos happening. I can recognize sadness because it is a temporary feeling that I experience due to the situation which we all face at one or multiple points in our lives. On the other hand, there is depression which can be dilapidating for oneself. Receiving chemo treatments caused numerous side effects to me which included depression. I was given the long list of side effects but my thought process was I am young, I will be okay. Wrong, so wrong, I experienced so many side effects and the toughest one for me personally was depression. The reason I say depression is the worst is because the other side effects were more temporary to one day or a few days, but depression was an ongoing side battle. Previously, I was an emotionally stable person but during this period in my life, I would just start crying when watching movies, even the ones with happy endings and really for no apparent reason. The emotions were overwhelming and would consume me. Thankfully, I had a guardian angel in person who was my caregiver and mother, who would help me overcome these phases during my treatment. Being depressed is not good in keeping your mind and body ready for the next treatment. I would try to mediate, use prayer and laughter as my medicine for depression. My doctors gave their recommendations which included therapy and possible medication. I was on so much medication, I didn’t want anything else so I fought this battle as well, my way. This might not be popular but it was my choice. I was blessed that my mom had a great sense of humor and kept my spirits up. Also, I had never watched so many comedies until this time in my life. Laughter and prayer were my lifesavers in overcoming my depression periods.


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