To Exercise or Not to Exercise

Covid-19 has been turning our lives upside down in every respect.  It has been months since I had my last workout which is not good for me.  I have been trying to motivate myself to start working out again and I have failed a few times these past months.  I am starting my work out regime again with streaming workout videos to get myself in a better state of mind and body.  Working out helps produce endorphins which is needed during these challenging times.  Actually, right now I am feeling sore and I worked out with lighter weights.  I will try to stay on track this time and maintain a regular workout routine.  The hardest part for me is motivating myself to actually change into workout clothing and shoes and turn on the tv to project my workout video.  Once I actually start working out, I get pumped up and Iable to go through the routine without a problem.  Afterwards, I feel great and motivated to work out the next day.  Unfortunately, the next day comes and I am like should I work out or should I skip today.  For this reason, I have given myself a challenge to track my work outs so I can keep myself accountable.  For example, I worked out on Sunday and skipped yesterday; therefore, today I have to work out.  By tracking it, I can not lie to myself and be like I think I worked out 3-5 days this week.  The tracker will show me exactly what I have and haven’t done.  Yeah, it’s a bummer but once you get back into a routine it gets easier.  It was extremely easy to let go of the routine and now it has become harder to regain my momentum.  I think this tracker will be the key for me this time.  Only time will tell if I stay on track but I am optimistic about it.  Exercise is one way to help myself feel better overall.


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