Tribute to All Medical Superheroes

Right now, the world is acknowledging and thanking all medical professionals in the fight against covid-19. To be candid, it brings me joy to hear the praises to these superhumans. Actually, I think anyone who has been sick or like in my case, battled cancer, you spend a great deal of time in hospitals, clinics and treatment centers and get to know these medical professionals. These doctors and nurses truly do take a vow to their profession to help people. As a cancer patient, I encountered so many patients including those on their death bed as they were losing their battle to cancer. I would see how the doctors and nurses would try to stay strong but would see how it would affect them. For me, I was transferred to a hospital that had a floor for cancer patients and they ran all the tests and biopsy to determine what type of cancer I had. The doctor came in to speak to my mother and I and gave us the grim prognosis of type of cancer and the slim chance of surviving this cancer and that I would start chemo the next day after a portacath would be inserted. That night for dinner, this wonderful nurse, who knew my prognosis, brought me my favorite ice cream with my dinner and a movie to watch. I could not taste food but the kindness bestowed upon me by this genuine and kind-hearted nurse meant the world to me. In my opinion, medical professionals are always superheroes. At one point or another, we all will need medical attention and thankfully there are these exceptional human beings that care for us. In reality, I appreciate all medical professionals from doctors, nurses, cna ,lab technician, CT technician, pharmacist, phlebotomist, environmentalists, dietary aides, social workers, administrative workers, Chaplin and so on. Each person who works in the medical field plays an important part in the operations of the medical facility. The people behind the scenes are the ones who produce the test results, exams, etc. needed for doctors to do their best work in helping save our lives. A big thank you to all those who work in the medical field.


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