Christmas Miracle

First things first, at the beginning of my cancer diagnosis, I did not know the length or outcome of the upcoming and painful battle that I would endure.  No matter how intently you listen to the different doctors, read the information provided to you, information online, and stories shared from others, I can not lie, it did not prepare me for what I actually experienced.  

For me, my overall cancer battle took over a year but my treatment was for one year.  During the course of the year, I felt like the treatment I was receiving made me feel alive because it was another day that I was in the battle. Each treatment was one step closer to beating this dreadful illness.  In addition, the lessons learned through my journey have been invaluable and the relationships developed are priceless.

After one year of different course of treatment in terms of chemo and high dose radiation, I was advised that I would be given some time to rest and allow for the radiation to fully take its course.  The finale of my cancer treatment was in December.  With all the information provided to me by my doctor, I felt joy and fear simultaneously.  Finally, I had finished all my treatment, no more hardship on my body and mind.  On the other hand, I knew that the last course of action decided on by me would mean that if this change in treatment didn’t work, that was it for me, I was done.  I knew nothing else could be done for me based upon some tough decisions I had to make.  All this information overwhelmed my mind and I knew it was not helping me.  I decided to get all the pressure taken off my shoulders so I turned to prayer.  I asked everyone I knew to ask others and try to get countless number of people to pray for me for my victory over cancer.

In my prayer, I asked God to please give me a sign to know if I would be victorious and receive news of being cancer free.  Even in my dreams, I was dreaming of what things could be to have a life after cancer, all the possibilities so I remember of praying in my dreams as well.

I live in a city where we do not experience the different seasons, it is usually hot or warm year-round so having a cold winter or any wintery weather is uncommon.  I started to pray for a sign getting closer to the night before Christmas Eve.  On Christmas Eve, we experienced a change in weather and it turned into a very cold winter day and hold and behold, it started to snow.  I knew in my heart, God was giving me the biggest sign I could receive.  The unthinkable was happening, it was actually snowing and was sticking to the ground and could actually make small snowman.  I had never experienced snow where I lived.  This was truly my Christmas miracle!  My prayers had been answered.  It’s true I did not have the medical tests to prove it at this time but I wholeheartedly felt my prayers were answered, I had my miracle.

Miracle confirmed, I took the tests and my results were back, I was cancer free.  To others, it was a great experience to have snow fall on Christmas, but for me it meant the world to me.  Miracles really do exist!  I am still alive today despite all the odds.


Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to All! May you experience your miracle!

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