Fight: It’s Your Life

Don’t let a diagnosis dictate your outcome, even when the tests results show a narrow percentage of survival.  For me, I had a lot of fight in me to continue to live.  This was my life, it was now or never, I had to stand up against this illness.  Granted, I know I am not going to live forever but I was only in my 20s and had barely started to live my life.  I knew each day was harder on my body and mind, therefore, I was not looking forward to the next plan of action. I believed that I was strong enough to fight for my best days were still ahead.

This fight is not for the faint of heart, it takes lots of prayer.  I went into this cancer battle like it was my last match, listening to my inner voice of hope.  I needed to take my life back once and for all, stop living in pain and failure.  Losing and failing in the previous match was part of life.  Now, was my time to stand back up and show I still had so much fight and life in me.  

It would have been easier to wallow in tears of self-pity, and fear.  With family and friends afraid for me, the natural course is to accept defeat and to think it is all over. Thoughts could have told me medical reports do not lie, there is no hope.  It is pointless to believe a change could happen, for tomorrow may never come.  It’s time to face it, today is all you have. There is no tomorrow, for this is the end of me.   You better make the best of today, live here and now.

Although, these thoughts might consume your mind, know that you have a choice.  Believe, you are stronger than you know, you are alive today and need to live your life.  Be bold and fearless in your fight, your story is not over, it has just begun.  Dream of a life after cancer, dare to dream big.  This is your life, your choice, your future.  Write your own story!


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