Beating the Odds: Sweet 16

Medicine is an excellent tool used by medical professionals to help heal people, and every day new life-saving methods are being discovered through research and development.  As a cancer survivor, I experienced the world of medicine at its best to bring me back to life.  Although, I did learn from my personal experiences that medicine is not perfect and that even though the test results appear to be grim, medicine does not have the final say so.  God always has the final say in everything.

From the onset of my cancer and at different phases of my cancer battle, my test results were grim and showed that I was not going to win my battle.  I heard what the doctors told me, but I did not care to listen and embrace the results because I knew they did not have the last word.  During the onset of my cancer when I was given my initial grim survival percentage, I was visited by the hospital chaplain who stood by my bedside to help me accept my fate of me dying.  At first, when the chaplain came into the room, I was still in shock from the news delivered by the doctors therefore, I could not even concentrate on what the chaplain was telling me.  After he engaged me in conversation I started to focus on his words. I could not believe he was telling me to accept my death because I had just learned of the news a few minutes ago.  Granted, I knew I was in bad shape, I was on oxygen, tons of medication, sleeping in a sitting position and felt horrible but was he telling me there was no hope.  As he continued to talk to me, which seemed like an eternity, I realized I would not get rid of him until I said the words that I was facing my death.  I verbalized what he was seeking for me to say, but deep down in my soul, I did not believe it.  After he left, I decided to pray like I had never prayed before in my life, especially because I had been silent with God for quite some time.  I had not spoken, recognized or acknowledged God for some time before this terrifying moment in my life.  Fortunately, God is always by our side, even when we don’t acknowledge HIM.  From that day on to the present, I continue to pray and have faith and know that I am alive today because God blessed me with life.  On March 1, 2021, I celebrate my sweet 16 birthday for beating cancer and being cancer free.  Granted, every year I celebrate two birthdays, one for the day I was born and two for my new cancer-free rebirth.  To be candid, each day is a blessing from God and I cherish being alive today.  I feel that my life and experiences are a testament to God’s blessings.  Life is not perfect and at times, we have to go through the storm, but I feel in my heart that these experiences have shaped me to who I am today and I wouldn’t change it one bit.  I have continued to grow personally and spiritually each year that I celebrate my cancer free birthday.  I continue to beat the odds each day I am alive and cancer free.  

Life gets busy with every day responsibilities but take it from me who struggled with the concept, slow down and try to appreciate each day or a special moment.  At times, we are so consumed with the future or the past that we forget to live in the now.  Today, you have the beautiful gift of life, enjoy and embrace the day. Every moment is a sacred moment and every day is a blessing. 

#Born Again

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