Positive VS. Negative

As a cancer survivor, I feel joy and happiness to be alive, but this was not always the case.  When I was at the darkest time in my life, in the midst of my cancer battle, I learned to appreciate each day of life.  I learned that I should not take life or anything in my life for granted.  I evolved spiritually as I learned to see the blessings given to me.

As the years pass after receiving my cancer-free results, life can get busy and stressful.  We all face the daily challenges of life and work balance while dealing with other obstacles that come along the way.  At times, I allow myself to feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed with my challenges.  Fortunately, I am able to realize that I am allowing negative emotions to overtake me.  I have learned through my cancer battle that I am not able to change my circumstances but I am able to change the way I feel and manage the situation.  If I allow worry and stress to consume me then I am only hurting my mind and body.  With worry and stress, I allow negative thoughts to circulate in my mind which result in more bad outcomes which create more stress.  It is a vicious never ending revolving cycle when you let worry, stress and negativity consume you.  To counter all the negativity, worry, and stress that consumes me I try to do meditation.  For me doing meditation is like going to a spa for the mind.  I let all the negative thoughts, worry and stress melt away and I feel refreshed calmed and relaxed. Ready to face the day head on with a positive outlook.   During extreme high stress times, I talk to God in form of prayer, and listen to the word of God via scriptures. Doing this allows me to release that negative energy and thoughts from my mind and body. It allows me to look at the situation with a positive mindset and try to take steps to resolve the issue and if I need help, I ask for help.  When I ask for help, it may be to another person or I pray and ask God for help and guidance.  I pray to God and try to release my burdens onto HIM.  If I keep all that negativity bottled up in me then I will not allow for God to release HIS blessings onto me.  

Life continues to get more fast paced and can become stressful at times.  During these times, is when I have to remember to close the door to the negative thoughts and release the feeling of worry, stress and fear from my mind.  I remind myself to keep a positive and stress-free mind and body. Positive thoughts and actions produce positive outcomes and situations.  


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