Time for Celebration & Reflection

In case you didn’t know this past Sunday June 6, 2021 was National Cancer Survivors Day. This special day is designated and mainly observed in the U.S. and occurs the first Sunday in June every year.  This day is intended to illustrate and celebrate that life after a cancer diagnosis is a possibility.  As a cancer survivor myself, I appreciate it and try to celebrate the second chance at the gift of life.  For this reason, I have chosen to observe National Cancer Survivors Day in my personal cancer journey, and I am extremely grateful to the millions of people that are choosing to celebrate it as well.

I wanted to share with everyone how I spent this day reflecting on my cancer journey and celebrating that I am alive today.  My family members treated me to a special breakfast, lunch and dinner of my choice. Just being able to enjoy this day with them makes me feel extremely blessed to have a life after cancer, not just surviving but being able to live and celebrate each milestone in my journey.  I continue to thank God every day for giving me a second chance at life and healing me.  Cancer was the reason for me to turn to God and for that I am thankful.  Today, I continue my journey as a cancer survivor, full of hope and faith knowing that I will continue to be blessed by being cancer-free. I know that because through God all things are possible.  God blessed me with a miracle and I know God will provide you, your family members, friends, or your acquaintances with their miracles too.  

I want to honor all those who are fighting cancer by praying for them.  I ask God to please give them the hope and courage they need each day to continue their fight against cancer.  I also pray for God, to strengthen their caregivers, family, friends, doctors who care for them and to bless them with the tools needed to heal them. I know this is not an easy fight but with hope, faith and trust in God, miracles can happen, just look at me. “With God All Things Are Possible” Mathew 19:26


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