The Perfect Storm

As I continue to celebrate another milestone of being a cancer survivor, I have reflected upon my journey and all my struggles that eventually lead on the path of being cancer free. I recall that during certain periods, I felt like my cancer battle was literally a perfect storm that continued to grow in magnitude and strength destroying everything in its path with no end in sight.  The darkness of the storm loomed over me day in and day out as I was fighting for my life.  At times it got so bad that I did not know if I could or would make it to the next day. It was as if a sense of defeat filled the air all around me and I couldn’t take another breath.  It was not until I faced my most difficult moments, when the storm appeared to be nearly impossible to overcome when I saw light shining through the gloomy darkness. I decided to focus on the light at that moment which led me to receive my salvation through the grace of God.  Something inside me told me to pray like I had never prayed before. I listened to that voice and I prayed with so much emotion that I started to sob and cry uncontrollably.  I wanted God to know that I had a very strong will to live! I felt it in my heart that I had to put all my faith and struggles in God because I did not see a way out of the storm.  Every time I would get a glimmer of hope with a good test result, I would get bombarded by several bad test results. I felt in my core that this was not the end of my story.  I recall hearing a saying once that states, there is power in numbers therefore I asked for others to pray for me as well.  At first, I felt this was selfish of me, but then I realized that was my internal insecurity.   Determined to overcome this cancer battle, I continued asking more friends and family to pray for me, who in turn asked other friends and family and people at their place of worship to pray for me.  Honestly, I do not know how many people prayed for my recovery and do not know all their names, but I know God does.  I know and feel that God listened to each of their prayers of healing over me.  With all the love and prayer received by so many loved ones and strangers, I was able to overcome what seemed like an impossible situation. Even though I don’t know who they are I thank each of them and pray that God blesses them and their loved ones as well.  

Honestly, prayer in numbers is a real powerful thing. I mean I am sitting here alive today cancer-free celebrating another cancer survivor month thanks to God and all those people that prayed along side with me. It was as if we formed a prayer warrior army and we defeated the enemy.

If you are currently going through your own perfect storm, please don’t give up. Keep looking for that shining light in the middle of all the gloomy darkness. I know from personal experience, that your faith will be tested and you may have thoughts of fear and doubt overwhelm your mind and make you feel hopeless but you must push those thoughts aside and TRUST in GOD. Strengthen your faith in God because God will be your guiding light out of the storm into your salvation.


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