Supernatural Strength

Facing a devasting battle in life is not meant to be dealt alone. That’s what facing cancer felt like to me.  Cancer has been the hardest battle that I had ever faced and I was not prepared for it or even knew how to handle it.  The cancer was fast-growing and aggressive therefore you could say that I did not have a fair fight going into it.  Honestly cancer was too powerful for me to fight on my own strength. I needed to find a way to even the battlefield.  While searching for a way to do this I learned that eagles are very smart creatures. Did you know that an eagle knows that it will not have a fair fight if it tries to fight a snake/serpent on the ground?  On the ground, the serpent is fast and has great stamina, it is quite powerful and could be deadly to the eagle.  For this reason, the eagle will lift the serpent and take flight into the air off the ground in order to change the battlefield with the deadly serpent.  When the serpent is in the air, it becomes weak, vulnerable and useless against the eagle.  Once I learned this, I knew that this is what I had to do in order to beat Cancer. Through the mist of my cancer battle, I chose to be like the eagle, metaphorically speaking I took flight into the sky looking towards heaven and prayed to our almighty God for healing and to help me in my fight against cancer. Once I did this, I noticed that the Cancer just like the serpent became weak and vulnerable against God almighty and slowly started leaving my body.

If you are experiencing your own personal battle in life, try doing what I did and be like the eagle. Take your battle to the heavens by praying to God.  Change your battlefield, ask God for victory over your enemy.  Keep persevering to the end of your battle with faith and hope in your heart.  In the end you will find your victory just like I did.


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