Celebration & Reflection

As I continue to celebrate and reflect back on my cancer journey, I have also focused on more recent events for example like this past year. This past year has been challenging for all of us as we have adapted to a new lifestyle. This is exactly the same thing I experienced when I was first diagnosed with cancer. My normal day to day life was altered and changed during each stage of my cancer battle. Now due to the circumstances we have all had to adapt and change with this pandemic that has disrupted our lives in so many different and sometimes devasting ways. In order to cope with the ongoing changes during this past year, I found myself needing to use some of the same coping mechanisms I did during my cancer battle.

Many times, during this past year, I felt overwhelmed with all the information being shown on the different media outlets.  As the news worsened, I started to reflect on my life and my mortality due to my underlying condition.  Full disclosure, I was consumed with the same level of fear that I recall feeling when I was diagnosed with cancer and given a low percentage of survival.  As all these thoughts were racing through my mind, I remembered that I needed to let go of my struggles and negative thoughts.  I had to empty out all the negative thoughts from my mind because this was affecting my mental and physical well-being.  You might be wondering, with everything I have gone through, shouldn’t I already know how to handle this kind of situation? It should be a piece of cake, right?  Well, I am only human and as such I was afraid for my life and those of my loved ones.  As I am going through this experience, I have gone through difficult times of where this pandemic has caused me to be afraid for my health. I felt that I need to take every precaution necessary in order to protect myself and my loved ones. And as if that was not enough I also had to experience being furloughed in the mist of it.  All this chaos and turmoil caused me to turn to God with the same intensity as when I was first diagnosed with Cancer. I have been praying to God to take care of me, my loved ones and all humanity as we are going through this experience together.  

I am thankful to God for giving me the blessing of being alive today and each day because life is beautiful and each day is a new and exciting possibility and opportunity.  Also, thanks to God I was recalled to work a few months after being furloughed so this was another blessing.  Once again God has proven to me that he has always being by side ready to give me a helping hand. Guiding me out of the difficult times. All I had to do was continue to have faith and trust in HIM.

No matter what you are going through in life never give up or loose hope. Keep your faith and trust in God. He will never let you down. “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you.” Isaiah 41:10 


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