Road Map for Success

At the beginning of my cancer journey, I was completely oblivious on the subject and my only source of information came from movies.  In order to get better informed, I decided to research online and on social media, as well as asking family and friends for any insight.  As it is expected everyone had their own opinions and recommendations on what steps I should follow in order to succeed in my cancer journey. Overwhelmed with information I couldn’t help but ask myself the following question “If I follow a specific road map of steps will that lead to a cancer-free outcome?” 

In my personal cancer journey, I tried following every step recommended by my doctor since this was the protocol commonly used that resulted in successful outcomes for my particular type of cancer.  Unfortunately, despite my best efforts and those of the medical team, the said protocol was not successful for me therefore, adjustments had to made along the way. This was crucial for me due to the fact that I was not responding to treatment like the vast majority of similar cancer patients.  My personal road map to beating cancer included many additional steps as my journey did not fit the mold.  Although my journey took me in a different path than most, I was still blessed with the same positive outcome of becoming cancer-free.  

Having a plan can definitely be helpful in understanding the direction you are heading, but be aware that your personal plan may differ from others in similar circumstances and that is perfectly okay.  Your plan may take you more or less steps and time than others because it is unique to you.  Embrace your personal journey in life and do not compare yourself to others.  Remember we are all unique. God created each one of us differently. Even identical twins are not 100% alike in everything.  Each has their own unique traits and personality. They may look very similar but in reality, they are very different.  Embrace your uniqueness and be proud of being you. Have faith and trust in God that he will lead you to your own unique path to success. Also, as you go through your own cancer journey, please try to share your knowledge and experiences with as many people as possible. You never know the information you share may help others in their own personal cancer journey.  I am extremely appreciative for those who shared their experiences with me.

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