Embracing Your Path

Life is a beautiful, mysterious journey filled with happiness, joyous celebrations, invaluable lessons, devasting hardships, and unexplainable moments that will ultimately lead us to our designated purpose. The road of life is not a perfect smooth path, it is filled with obstacles, twists and turns and several dead ends to say the least. Moreover, while going through our life journey, we will encounter many overwhelming challenges that will test our strength, resilience and the very core of our existence. These challenges may appear to be huge obstacles impossible for anyone to overcome. For me, the road of life led me to encounter being diagnosed with cancer at a young age. I felt as if my path in life had suddenly come to a dead end. At that moment, I was devastated and I did not see how I could or even if I would ever be able to overcome this enormous obstacle in my path.

Inexplicably this impossible, overwhelming obstacle in my path changed my life’s journey forever.  Through this experience, I developed a closer relationship with God.  I did not see it in the beginning, but these challenging times were actually a blessing in disguise.  I became the person I was intended to be and discovered that I served a bigger purpose other than myself, I served God.  Before being diagnosed with cancer I was not aware that I had a purpose in life. One could say that I was lost in that respect.  I was going through the motions of “living my life” without any sense of direction or purpose. Cancer was the obstacle in the road that changed my life forever and re-directed me into a different path that has given me a reason to live and a sense of purpose.  Please don’t just go through the motions of “living your life” lost without any direction or sense of purpose. Remember we only have one life to live and we should live it to the fullest. Embrace life, with all the good, the bad and the unimaginable. Don’t forget that each obstacle we encounter in our path serves a purpose in our lives that will guide and re-direct our path to our designated purpose in life.


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