Forward Thinking

Changes can come into our lives unexpectedly for a number of reasons.  At least, that is how it felt like to me, when I encountered the unexpected change in my life such as the cancer diagnosis. I was not ready to face this unexpected change and had a hard time dealing with my reality.  This drastic, dramatic change truly disrupted my way of living. I was not comfortable with all the overwhelming changes that I had to embrace in order to fight against cancer.  After a lot of inner turmoil and conflict, I turned to God for help. God showed me that in order to overcome this difficult situation in my life, I first needed to accept my situation which was being diagnosed with cancer and see my end goal which was to beat cancer and become a cancer survivor.  After a lot of prayer and self-meditation, I came to the conclusion that in order not to overwhelm myself, I had to see each cancer treatment as if it was a small goal towards my overall end outcome.  Each time I kept visualizing the next step toward my goal of surviving. Of course, nothing in life is perfect and along the way, I did experience numerous setbacks. Therefore, I had to keep reminding myself of the goal in order to continue moving forward.  Thanks to all the prayers and support from my caregiver (A.K.A Mom) family, friends, strangers and most of all God, I was stronger than I thought.  God gave me the strength to keep fighting and the endurance to keep moving forward to reach the finish line and become a Cancer Survivor.

Change can be difficult for all of us.  When the change that occurs in your life seems too much to bear don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to tackle it all at once. Just take it one step at a time. Keep thinking of the next step toward your overall goal. Clear your mind of all the clutter of stress and anguish. Instead visualize yourself at the finish line, this will help you remember that you are moving forward in the right direction.  Before you know it, you will victorious in reaching the finish line. Stay Strong!  

#Finish line

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