Life can sometimes become a monotonous routine.  For me, I have developed a pre-set schedule for each day except for the weekend when I am off from work.  Although having a routine and schedule is highly effective in tackling necessary daily tasks, I have found myself sticking to the same activities even after work.  My life was becoming stale and repetitive and I found myself preoccupied only with tasks that needed to be completed.  Enough was enough, I was heading into a life of existence and forgetting to live in the now.  As a cancer survivor, I am well aware that life is precious; therefore, should not be taken for granted.  With the current pandemic situation on the rise, it gives way for a stricter daily routine and schedule. It also serves as a constant reminder that life is priceless gift. This has prompted me to keep my schedule needed for certain daily tasks, but at the same time enjoy my weekends.  Life is valuable and we don’t know how much we have left of it.  I was reminded that I need to find the joy in my life.  Finding joy in your life could be something big or small.  For me, this has meant enjoying new foods, desserts, movies, tv shows, books, videos, and spending quality time with loved ones at home.  For now, my other joys of traveling and new adventures will have to take a pause until we have better days.  

Reminder, find your joy in your life.  Don’t forget to laugh and simply love.  Love yourself and show love to others.  


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