Why Fight?

In this ever-changing world, sometimes, it feels like all we do is fight. The fight begins before we are even born.  From the minute a mother goes into labor until the minute her baby is born, it’s an uphill battle for the mother and the baby to stay alive. The mother has to endure tremendous amount of pain and discomfort in order to allow her baby to be born. One could even say that she is fighting for her baby to come into this world. Once the baby is born, it does not know how to breath on its own. The doctors and nurses have to do a series of things to get the baby to start breathing. Therefore, one could say that the baby has to fight to stay alive. Of course, many mothers say that no matter how traumatic their labor was once they have their baby in their arms, nothing else matters. All the pain, all the tears and all the fighting are worth it. They feel an unbridled joy unlike anything they have ever experienced before in their lives. Unfortunately, like they say all good things come to an end and once that moment passes, its back to fighting. As adults, we fight to stay competitive in our employment. We fight to stay alive when we are diagnosed with cancer. We fight to keep living after we are in remission and to stay cancer free. We fight for our rights and we fight for our freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I mean there are many moments of joy in between all the fighting but everywhere you look, it seems everyone is always fighting for something. It begs the question why must we always fight? Why can’t we all co-exist with each other in peace. Honestly, we are all unique individuals with different points of view. Why is there a need to impose someone’s point of view over others? Why can’t we all listen quietly to each person point of view and make our individual decisions without other people getting upset. If we are not all made from the exact same pattern then why do we expect every one to think alike. Even identical twins that may look very similar have differences in appearance and thoughts.  All the fighting is exhausting don’t you think? Instead, why haven’t we learned how to live with love and respect for one another. I mean this has been the thing people have tried to do since basically the beginning of time. Honestly just go back in history there was some very popular quotes in the 60’s era that people used for example “Make Love Not War” and “Peace & Love”. Most importantly, God is Love.  Why is it so difficult for us to show love and respect to one another? 

Galatians 5:14: “For the whole Law is fulfilled in one word, in the statement, ‘YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.'”

“So we have come to know and to believe the love that God has for us.  God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God. And God abides in him.”  John 4:16


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