Got Blood?

I am grateful to all those who donate blood as I was a recipient.  Twice, I received blood transfusions during my cancer battle.  Prior to having cancer, I was a blood donor myself.  Unfortunately, after my cancer battle, due to the type of cancer I had, I am unable to donate blood or plasma. Long before I was ever diagnosed with cancer, I had chosen to become a blood donor due to a friend of mine having a family member who was diagnosed with leukemia and needed frequent blood transfusions. I started to go to blood drives and would donate as frequently as allowable as there is a waiting time of at least 8 weeks in between whole blood donations.  Before this friend asked me to become a donor, I was aware of the blood drives but I didn’t really understand the magnitude of which they help in saving lives.  Until I was battling against cancer myself, I found myself needing to get blood transfusions to help me overcome setbacks and be able to continue my cancer battle.  I do not know whose blood was given to me, or what reasons they had to be donors  but I am extremely grateful that these individuals donated.  Thanks to their blood donations I was blessed to have received the much-needed blood transfusions which ultimatly ended up saving my life.  


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