Me Vs. Cancer

My cancer battle was a year long battle that included different chemo regimes and radiation.  Chemo and radiation were my choice of poison to kill of the cancer.  At first, I thought that we were going to kill off the cancer with surgery, but then the doctors told me that my type of cancer was inoperable and very aggressive therefore an equally aggressive treatment was going to be required to defeat this Goliath wannabe.  It was the tumor (cancer) versus me (David), who was going to win.  Each round of chemo took a toll on my body and spirit as it was no walk in the park.  The intensity of the chemo weighed heavy on my body and the reflection on the mirror did not coincide with the strength and fire I was feeling in my heart and spirit.  Could my body continue to endure this torture, could I muster the physical strength to go another round against my tumor embedded within the chest walls over my heart and lungs.  As difficult as it was and despite the feeling of defeat at the most difficult moments, I completed both my chemo and radiation treatments.

After the treatment was completed, I had a PET scan administered and waited for the results.  The doctor showed me the scan and I saw something on the scan and my heart sank to the floor.  I still have cancer, I thought.  Nope, I was wrong, the tumor was dead, I was cancer-free.  In disbelief, I asked the doctor then what is that on the scan and the doctor explained, it is the scar tissue remaining from the tumor.  He further explained that the scar tissue remains due to the fact that my type of cancer was inoperable and this is what remains after treatment, but not to worry.  I was cancer-free and I have the internal scar tissue remains from the tumor to prove it!  😊  


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