Nowadays, more than ever, we live in a world where everything is so fast paced.  Sometimes, the days blend into each other as the same routine is repeated day after day during the work week.  I have caught myself trying to perfect my morning routines in order to be able to add a few additional items to my morning agenda.  Don’t get me wrong, being efficient does help give you some additional free time.  Let’s be honest, time is the most precious commodity we have.  We all have 24 hours in one day so why not try to make the best of each day.  But, at the same time, something that being a cancer survivor has taught me, is that it is important to get out of the routine, be spontaneous and take some time to unwind.  If not possible during the work week, then during the weekend, on your days off or take some vacation days.  

It is important to unwind, take it easy, enjoy a relaxing moment and take a pause to recharge.  Taking some time to relax helps you reflect and recuperate and we all need to rest in order to live our best lives.  It is vital that our physical and mental health be part of our top priorities and part of our self-love.


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