Finding Yourself

Countless books exist on the topic around finding your purpose in life.  Numerous concepts are written on the subject on the best way to find your true passion and purpose.  To be honest, I had received a couple of books on the subject matter myself because I didn’t know my path.  Most of my friends had decided what they wanted to do and they spoke of their chosen path with conviction.  I wanted to feel and sound the same, but in reality, it was not the case no matter how many assignments I completed based upon the books I read.  I started to think that I had no purpose, perhaps not everyone is meant to have a purpose, I was overthinking the whole thing.  I decided to give up on the idea, having a purpose is overrated.

I had searched long and hard to find my purpose and it found me when I wasn’t looking or thinking of it.  I know this sounds like a love story and it is, it is a love of doing what I am meant to do as a profession and in my personal life.    After my cancer battle, I returned to work with an open heart which caused me to see the work I was doing was meaningful and something I felt passionate about.  I feel blessed to be able to fulfill my purpose within my occupation.    It is different for each of us and finding our purpose comes to us at different times in our life.


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