Toxic Lies

Our self-worth, is it determined by us or others?  During my cancer battle, I had people who were in my corner encouraging me to fight and assured me I would overcome this dreadful illness. On the other hand, I had others telling me that I had to face reality and realize that cancer was going to be the victor.  At times, my mental state made me feel like they were right and that I was not strong enough or that it was not God’s will for me to survive this cancer.  Despite how strong I was mentally, side effects from chemo made me very mentally vulnerable causing me to feel pain, rejection and failure in my journey. My physical and mental health would betray me and cause me to see my worth through other people’s lenses instead of my own.  It is not easy to listen and know your self-worth through your own viewpoint or through that of God.  Thankfully, I did have people in my corner who would aggressively remind me of my strength and remind me of God’s love for me and each one of us. They would also remind me that God is always with us and that we are never alone despite how we might feel in the middle of the storm.

We each face different storms, obstacles, or challenges in our life that might cause us to believe the negative viewpoints or my favorite one, the reality of things.  Don’t listen to that negative or realistic voice, don’t allow others or that nasty voice devalue your worth.  Never settle or give in to toxic people or environments.  Never give up hope, things can always turn around, no matter how gleam your situation seems, look I survived despite the odds.  You have greatness trapped deep down inside of you and the world is overflowing with opportunities.  Take full advantage of all opportunities and allow yourself to live a great and abundant life, never settle for anything less.  Allow yourself to dream big and step into who God created you to be.


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