World Lymphoma Awareness Day

Cancer: The Upside

World Lymphoma Awareness Day (WLAD) is held onSeptember 15every year and is a day dedicated to raising awareness of lymphoma, an increasingly common form of cancer. It is a global initiative hosted by the Lymphoma Coalition.

I am a cancer survivor who battled a type of lymphoma. (What is lymphoma,youmay wonder? Well, get ready for hard core medical scientific explanation.) Lymphoma isa cancer that begins in the cells of the lymph system, which is part of the immune system that helps the body fight infection and disease. The 2 primary types of lymphoma are Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). They occur in both children and adults. Hodgkin lymphoma – most people with Hodgkin lymphoma have the classic form. This means they have large, abnormal lymphocytes (white blood cells) in their lymph nodes. Hodgkin lymphoma is usually curable. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma – unlike Hodgkin lymphoma, NHL has a number…

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