Walking Zombie

Cancer: The Upside

One day we go to bed tired from our day eager to go to sleep when suddenly we find ourselves tossing and turning.  After playing tug of war with our bed sheets for what seems like an eternity, we finally give up and open our eyes. We start to stare at the ceiling wondering why we cannot go to sleep. We feel tired and sleepy but our brain seems to be wide awake. Looking at the phone we notice that we have lost an hour already and we still cannot fall asleep. We start thinking maybe I should get a chamomile tea or sleep aid supplement, but between the indecision and fear that being up and about will make it that much harder to get to sleep another hour passes by.  Our anxiety levels are starting to rise as we think of the next day and what we need to do. Then we realize we can’t miss work we have meetings or appointments already set.  Now we try even harder to fall asleep and just when we feel like we are finally starting to doze…

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