Mysterious Change

After my first chemo treatment, I was discharged from the hospital and given an appointment at a cancer treatment center for my second chemo round.  My appointment was scheduled in two weeks therefore, allowing my body enough time to physically recover in order to travel out of town for my next treatment.  I tried to mentally prepare myself for this next round, knowing that even though initially I might feel okay, the harsh side effects would hit me hard all at once.  Well, at least, this was my theory since I had only undergone one treatment it was all based upon this one experience. 

After the initial process, I was taken to the chemo treatment luxury area where I picked where to sit to take my chemo.  The nurse looked at my chart and let me know he was going to place a needle through my portacath in order to administer the chemo.  I started the 2nd round, here we go, I thought to myself hopefully things go better than the first time, fingers crossed.  I started to feel a bit warm as I was receiving the treatment, and the nurse came over and said I need to take your temperature. My temperature was starting to rise but it was still well within range to continue treatment.  A few minutes later, the nurse came back to check on me and take my temperature again. My temperature had risen slightly more but still within range.  He told me that he was going to have to speak to my doctor because if my temperature continued to rise, they would have to discontinue my treatment.  I kept a strong face when he told me this devasting news.  I had previously spoken to the doctor before being taken to the chemo area therefore, I knew that this was detrimental to my chances of surviving.  The doctor had been clear that I needed to take care of myself because each round of chemo needed to be taken as scheduled in order for the tumor to continue to shrink.  If I missed a round, then it could affect the entire treatment plan and my possibility for survival.  As I saw the nurse walk out of the room to go speak to the doctor, my heart ached in sorrow.

I decided to take off the scarf I was wearing in my now bald head and started to pray.  I prayed to God to please make all the cool air of the room enter my body through my head.  I asked God to cool my body and lower my temperature so I could continue my chemo.   I prayed like I had never prayed before with all my heart and soul. All of a sudden, I started to feel coolness throughout my body and I hoped this was enough to stabilize my temperature.  At that moment the nurse walked in with my doctor. The doctor came over and asked how I was feeling. He told me he was going to recheck my temperature and that we might have to stop this round.  As my temperature was taken again I said internally this is the moment of truth, my doctor spoke and said your temperature is back to normal.  I will check your temperature again to make sure it is correct.  Normal again, this was the best news I could receive at this moment.  My doctor said he would take my temperature again in a few minutes to double check that I continued to be within range.  As the doctor spoke to the nurse, the nurse had a face of disbelief and shock. He told the doctor I can show you the temperature readings of why I called you.  My doctor told him, I believe you, this is the not the first time something like this happens with this patient.  Let’s check again in a few minutes and if she is okay, just continue the treatment.  Few minutes later, my temperature was still at normal body range and he looked mystified.

My cancer was not gone, far far from it, but this was a great affirmation that I was being taken care of during this battle that I had barely begun.  I chose to continue to be strong and courageous and to not let fear and doubt consume me because I knew that God was by my side, protecting me from this terrifying disease that was trying to destroy me in all aspects.  God was watching over me and providing me with protection.


  One thought on “Mysterious Change

  1. January 17, 2021 at 12:48 pm

    Wow. This testimony touches my heart in such a special way. How long ago was this?

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    • January 17, 2021 at 1:18 pm

      This was almost 16 years ago. I will celebrate my sweet 16 on the same day I decided to be baptized as an adult, March 1st.

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