Mental Health Day

During certain periods in our lives, we experience pain, loss, devastation, and loneliness.  These dark periods manifest in increasing levels of mental anguish that becomes intolerable and makes us want to escape.  You feel as if nobody understands your pain or can even notice that you are falling apart at the seams.  You feel you are all alone, trying to scream at the top of your lungs but nobody can hear you.  You keep pushing through, day in and day out and keep going on with your daily routine.  YOU NEED TO STOP THE INSANITY!  Take a pause from life and take a mental health day.

At times, we internalize our problems and it manifests into an unbearable feeling in the pit of your stomach.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or starting to feel overwhelmed, take a day off.  Go to the park, take a walk, mediate or talk to someone so you can unload your feelings.  Our minds are powerful, but it is important to unload our emotions to prevent the overload of thoughts and sentiments looming in our heads.  

During my cancer battle, one of my side effects was depression.I felt doomed and that no matter what I did I was going to lose my battle to cancer.  These feelings happened during different periods of my battle because the decisions that had to be made were difficult and could have dire results.  In addition to experiencing depression, I was not very good at expressing my feelings at the time.  My coping mechanism was to internalize my feelings which in all reality was not helping me.  Due to my treatment, I could not really be out in the sun so nature walks were out of the question therefore, I turned to mediation. I also started talking to my mom and going on car rides with her at night time due to the sunlight and lights affecting my vision.  I would sit in silence and release all of the noise out of my head.  In the beginning, I would just mediate to bring some calmness into my mind and body, but eventually I began to pray before ending my mediation session.  My prayer actually became a conversation with God, well what I felt at the time to be a one-sided conversation with him.  I would unload my feelings of despair, my fears, and my troubles during my conversation to God.  I wanted to release everything from my shoulders unto God.  Believe me, I am a strong woman but I am only human and am only able to carry so much of a burden.  After releasing my burdens, I would pray for healing and guidance.  I found that after doing this I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My burden while still there felt a little lighter. I realize now that the conversations I had with God were not one sided after all. He did answer my prayers by helping me unburden my troubles onto him and helping me overcome each daily challenge that came my way.

Don’t let your problems or burdens overwhelm you, take them off your shoulders.  We all feel as if we are alone in the world,but the truth is that we are never alone. We feel this way because we tend to internalize everything and try to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.  I am guilty of doing this myself. I know how easy it is to do this because we tend to always want to resolve things on our own strength. Remember, it is important that we not only take care of our physical self but our mental self as well.  Find your outlet to unload your burdens. Surround yourself with positive people, write a journal, take nature walks, exercise, or meditate. By removing your burdens, you not only allow blessings to come into your life, but also open yourself to live a fuller, healthier, and happier life.


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