Nutrition and Exercise: Staying on Target

Most of us were ready to start a new year and put 2020 behind us and never look back.  If you are like me, I wrote down a few new year resolutions such as starting to get back on track with my nutrition and exercise.  The year 2020 turned our lives upside down and changed our daily lives drastically.  As we all know, life has not changed from 2020 due to this pandemic still being very present in all our lives.  Now, is a time when we have to reflect on how to put our health as a priority through the mist of this pandemic.

In our current state, it is important that we look at ourselves and take our lives back to the extend possible.  Due to being a cancer survivor, I am choosing not to go back to the gym to work out, out of as an abundance of caution.  I have reviewed numerous online work out videos available and have decided on one particular streaming service that is in line for the type of workouts I like.  I prefer work out routines that include both strength training and cardio.  Fortunately, this streaming service has my preferred routines in addition to a variety of other work out routines such as yoga and mediation.  I tried yoga and it is not easy at all.  I always stretch before and after a work out so I thought I was pretty flexible but this yoga positions are insane.  I have learned that trying new types of work outs helps us evolve and transform our bodies.  For some of my work out routines, I feel like I am unable to do a good part of the routine.  You know what, it’s okay that I am struggling at keeping up and making sure I am following the technique so I won’t cause injury to myself.  As long as I continue to press play on the videos is what is important because that means I am moving my body and helping myself get back on track.  Actually, it has been very difficult to re-start and maintain my workouts while trying to figure out my nutrition plans and work.  Due to nutrition information from fitness experts who live and breathe fitness, I have decided to do some meal prepping in order to help myself and my family stay on track.  In 2020, the change in our lives of eating out of cans, boxes or fast food to eat or emotionally cope with this pandemic had caused a strain on my body.  Now, with only about two weeks of working through more stable meal choices and exercise, I am starting to feel better.  I am starting to regain my energy levels and desire to tackle new projects.  With this refreshing feeling, I need to stay on track for my health and mental well-being.

Our bodies are our temple that God created and we take it for granted.  At least, I am guilty of doing this in the past, but I know that I need to do better for myself.  As a cancer survivor, I know that without our health, we have nothing.  Our physical and mental health are vital to live our best life each day.  The best wealth is health and making small changes in our daily routine can make a world of difference.  You can do it!


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