Luck or Divine Intervention? You Decide

Sometimes unforeseen things will happen to us that don’t make any sense.  How do we overcome our hardest obstacles in life?  Shall we succumb to our current trials and tribulations that are causing us so much suffering, pain and despair.  Life’s difficulties may feel so overwhelming that the easiest response is to give up and surrender.  Nobody would blame you for taking this action.  On the other hand, facing this obstacle could be a challenge to truly see your own inner strength and help you grow as a person.  

Personally, I experienced an extremely difficult period in my life when I was diagnosed with cancer.  I felt that I wasn’t strong enough to overcome this obstacle, and that I was all alone, even though I was surrounded by people.  Internally, I felt all alone in my personal cancer diagnosis and prognosis of dying from this illness.  Family and friends tried to say encouraging words and would tell me that I would persevere.  The beginning of my cancer battle caused me to feel alone, doubt and so much fear.  Fortunately, I overcame my self-pity, doubt, fears and evolved into a strong warrior who beat cancer.  My battle was not easy and I experienced so many highs and lows throughout my long battle.  Now, I am a cancer survivor who tries to experience life in a different light.  You may be wondering, what do I mean experience life differently?  Well, please allow me to elaborate. A few months ago, I was doing my usual routine, driving back home from work when something unexpected happened. A truck started to turn from the wrong, non-turning lane onto my right side and since I was driving straight I almost crashed into the driver side of the truck.  I saw the truck as it started to turn and I quickly started to honk and turn my wheel to turn right because I was in a turning lane.  I barely missed hitting the side of the truck. The driver started to brake realizing from my honking that the truck was on the wrong lane.  It all felt like I was in the matrix, I saw everything happening in slow motion as I was honking, turning the wheel and turning to see that I was barely going to miss hitting the truck. After I turned, the cars behind me slowed down and let the truck turn after me and the crisis was averted.  This would have been a bad accident for both of us.  As I continued to drive, seeing the truck drive behind me, my heart was pounding a hundred miles an hour, and all I could think was THANK YOU GOD!  Thank you for protecting me. I remember hearing a song called, God Take the Wheel. In this case I truly believe HE did. I have learned that God sometimes allows for us to go through obstacles and sometimes he stops the obstacles from occurring, but no matter the situation, God is always with us and will bring us through every hardship.

You will experience life depending on your viewpoint and mindset.  When I told one my coworkers what happened to me, her response was well it’s because you have taken defense driving so that’s why you reacted so quickly.  I told her but I felt like I was in the matrix; I saw everything in slow motion or at least that is how I felt it so this was beyond me.  She replied, you were lucky and you are a great defensive driver so that’s why you didn’t crash.  I am not here to impose my beliefs on anyone so I didn’t say anything afterwards.  I am here to share my life’s experiences, just like in this blog.  My spiritual side has grown tremendously because of all I have experienced in my life, I have seen God’s presence throughout my life through the good and difficult times.  God has been my strength, my defense and my salvation.  What is yours?


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