Accident: Total Loss

It was just another regular Tuesday afternoon.  My workday was over therefore, I drove to pickup a family member and we were headed home.  I recall us talking and laughing as we were waiting for the light to change from red to green.  As the light changed to green, the three vehicles in front of us started to accelerate and move forward while I did the same.  As I was approaching the intersection, I was smiling due to some comment made by my family member when something made me turn to look to my right side and I saw this huge truck with metal bars driving at higher speeds towards me.  At first, I thought it was going to stop but soon I realized it might not stop at all. Everything seem to move in slow motion as I tried to find options to avoid the accident when suddenly I heard a loud noise and felt the impact of the truck crashed into the passenger side of my car.  The impact of the collision caused for my car to be pushed into the other lane causing my driver side to hit a vehicle that was stopped to turn at the intersection.  I felt like I was in a bumper car and I was getting hit from every side. As the car came to a halt, I saw the truck drive away from the accident.  Time stood still for me for a few seconds my brain couldn’t process what had just happened.   Then my family member and I turned to each other at the same time and asked each other if the other was okay.  We both replied I thinks so with our voice shaking. At that moment, we were both happy to be okay.   Neither of us appeared to have anything broken or any severe injuries. I noticed that the right-side passenger window was completely gone it had shattered during the impact.  My family member had cuts, scrapes and pieces of glass were everywhere. I also realized that the right-side air bags had been deployed due to the high impact of the crash.  I never knew that my car had that safety feature and I thank God that it did.  

My car is completely wrecked and has been concluded as a total loss.  Total loss, those are some powerful words.  In my mind, the car is a material thing that can be replaced but our lives are invaluable.  The car might be a total loss, but thanks to God we are alive to tell the story. 

Now, a few days after the accident, I can say we are both doing better.  We both have bruising and pain which is expected from an accident of this kind.  We are recuperating slowly each passing day and thanking God everyday for protecting us from major injury.  I know our guardian angels were working overtime during this accident.  For a reason unknown to me, I was supposed to go through this accident.  The way I see it is that I can look at this experience two different ways and can decide which choice to make.  On one hand, I can think that God doesn’t care about me since he allowed this to happen to me after all the hardship that I have endured or see it as a situation that I had to experience and know that God was protecting me in the process.  It’s human nature to try to blame someone or something when things go wrong in our lives.  Even people that may not be spiritual at all right away think if nothing happens without God allowing it to then why did he allow this to happen to me.  Its normal to have doubt when faced with tribulations but we must not let our faith in God waiver. I do not know why I am going through this difficulty, but I do know God was protecting us.  Life is not without turmoil, therefore; we must pray to God for protection and healing during these trials.  


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