Unique Story

My cancer journey took my life in a whole different direction than I had planned for myself.  Before my cancer diagnosis I had plans and goals for my life that I had actually designed to compete with my friends due to someone else’s expectation for me.  I allowed outside influences to tailor my life plan which made me unhappy.  My cancer diagnosis completely disrupted what I thought my life plan should be.  From that point on, life as I knew it completely changed for me.  I found a new journey in life, I learned that I am unique and that God created me for a specific purpose.  My life journey has been in according to God’s plan for me.  HE is equipping me and preparing me with HIS purpose for me which in my opinion includes helping other people by sharing my cancer story.

Remember each one of us is unique and irreplaceable. There is no other person exactly like us.  Even identical twins are not exactly the same. They may look very similar but they are two different people. Each of us was created as an individual masterpiece.  Don’t live your life trying to compare yourself and your life to others.  We are all unique with unique talents for a very unique purpose. Don’t lose yourself, God created you!  Stop trying to be the person the world thinks you should be and stop trying to fit into a certain mold.  You have a greater purpose, and God has great plans for you.  

# God’s Plan

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