Finding Your Inner Strength

In life, everything can change instantly in a blink of an eye and without warning.  This was exactly how I felt when I received my cancer diagnosis. Even though everyone’s future is always uncertain with an unknown outcome I didn’t even know if there was going to be a future for me at all.  The medical reports didn’t look good, the odds were stacked against me.  After my first round of chemotherapy the doctors decided to allow me to go home to be surrounded by family in case I didn’t make it.

When they told me I could go home, I was so excited at first because I was tired of being in the hospital.  Finally, free from the confinement of the hospital room.  But later, I realized why they were discharging me and allowing me to go home.  They did give me an appointment for the 2nd round of chemo at an outpatient clinic, but the look on their face spoke louder than the words they were verbally expressing to my mother and me.  When I was first send to the hospital I had been transported by ambulance because it was located out of town. Therefore, being discharged required travel arrangements to get back home.  During the drive back home, where I was a passenger my body was tired and in pain while my mind was alert and full of thoughts.  Fear and struggle were the feelings that consumed me, but I did not want to accept my death and knew that I had to fight this battle with all my strength.  At this time, I had not realized yet that it was not just my own strength, it was God’s strength that was helping me put up a fight.  

My cancer battle was not easy and I endured so much uncertainty from the onset, but I knew that I had God by my side taking care of me.  To be completely transparent, I did not know that I was that strong and could endure that much pain and suffering.  It is true that God does not give you more than you can handle. We are all created in God’s image and when times get tough we realize what we are made of.

Despite the dark times in my cancer battle, through all the pain, the tears and the suffering, I knew God would give me the miracle of life once more and many more blessings to follow.  Please don’t give up in your battle.  God’s miracles and blessings always enter your life at the right time. Remember good things come to those who wait and anything good worth having is worth the wait. God will bestow many blessings in your life at the right time.


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