Failure Vs. Success

At the beginning of my cancer battle my chemo treatment was working well. You could say that I was “winning my battle against cancer”, everything seemed to be going great. Well, sometimes things are not always what they seem. It all changed suddenly when my doctor gave me some unexpected news, my cancer stopped responding to chemo, the tumor stopped shrinking, everything that I had been fighting so hard for including my cancer battle winning streak came to a crushing devasting halt.  That moment when my doctor gave me the gut-wrenching awful news regarding my progress, a nauseating feeling came over me and I was filled with disbelief and despair.  Once again, I felt the need to turn to God for guidance as I had done countless times before. God made me realize that in this moment I could have chosen to accept the defeat and throw in the white towel, especially since, I had already fought a tough fight up to now.  But then again, I didn’t accept defeat at the beginning of my cancer battle when the odds were against me then too; therefore, why would I give in or give up now when we had come this far.  God gave me the willpower to dig deep down inside myself and muster the courage and strength to continue fighting my cancer battle.  God also made me realize that, I was not alone.  I had family, friends and strangers who were also fighting alongside of me by praying for me and believing that I still had a fighting chance.  

Don’t let failure or setbacks prevent you from reaching new levels or facing your problems.  There is a quote that reads “Failure is success turned inside out.  Failure is inevitable in life. Failure makes us stronger to be able to face our problem head on.  If you feel that you are not able to move forward on your own, lean on those who believe in you and have faith in your success. Remember we are never alone especially during the most difficult times in our lives, God is always with us.  If we don’t feel 100% certain that we can win the battle, we must turn to God and lean on others for support, strength and courage. Their love and support can allow us to rest and recuperate so that we can be ready to face the next day.  


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