Trials and Tribulations

Countless times in my life, I have experienced moments of mental weakness. In other words, I have found myself fixating on the negative events happening in my life.  Needless to say, I have questioned God on why my path has been so difficult?  Why do I continue to endure what appears to be endless obstacles in my life? When will this trials and tribulations end? Don’t I deserve some happiness? Furthermore, you could say I am the host of my very own pity party. After verbalizing all of that internal mental anguish to my loved ones they remind me that I am only looking at things in a negative way and not realizing that everything that I have encountered has been a blessing in my life. They make me realize that I need to take a few steps back.  The enemy is toying with my insecurities and creating a false picture.  Although, I have faced many difficulties such as being diagnosed with cancer, the loss of my mom, loss of employment and being lost in my path, I realized that all of this happened for a reason and God has ALWAYS been by my side. Being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age although devasting actually strengthen the bond I had with my mom which in turn led me to be closer to God.  The loss of my mom although gut-wrenching at the time made me be receptive to find love years later. The loss of employment although unexpected at that moment allowed me the much needed time to morn and heal from the loss of my mom.   As I sit here reflecting on life, it is now clear to me that God has been there, guiding me, even when I thought HE wasn’t.   At the time I was facing the obstacles, I did not understand or see why things were happening the way they were. One could say I was looking at only a fraction of the picture I could not see the big picture.  Years later when things have come to light, I have realized and acknowledge that God was protecting me and caused certain events to happen to spare me from something much worse. 

This is why having FAITH means TRUSTING GOD blindly, even if you can not see why things are happening the way they are.  God has a plan for you.  Sometimes, the right path for you is not always the easiest one because you are in training for something much bigger than you thought.

#Blind Faith

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